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CUBE planted

The Innovative Solution for Modern Work Environments

The Green Revolution at the Workplace

In an ever-changing work environment, it's crucial to create spaces that are both inspiring and functional. With CUBE planted by Lasfera, you offer your clients not just a green oasis in the office, but also a solution that meets the demands of New Work.

Natural Atmosphere for Greater Well-Being

Experience how CUBE planted brings nature into the office. These green room dividers improve air quality and create a harmonious atmosphere that promotes employee well-being. After all, satisfied employees are productive employees.

Flexible Space Design Made Easy

Whether it's a lounge, open-plan office, or meeting room – CUBE planted adapts to any environment. These flexible solutions provide privacy while fostering communication. Optimize space layout without losing the openness that modern workplaces thrive on.

Sustainability Meets Design

Make a statement for sustainability. CUBE planted is made from high-quality, durable materials and supports a healthy indoor climate. With this product, you're investing in the future and a sustainable office concept.

Glare-Free Lighting and Ergonomics

Our CUBE planted solutions are equipped with glare-free lighting, ensuring comfortable and fatigue-free

working conditions. Combined with ergonomic workspace designs, you create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally optimal.


Your Solution for New Work

CUBE planted is the answer to the needs of modern work environments. It supports flexible work models and fosters creative work processes. Show your clients how they can make their workspace future-proof and attractive.  

Contact Us. Design offices and public spaces with CUBE planted that not only function well but also inspire. Contact us today and revolutionize your clients' work environment.

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