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The Green Revolution at the Workplace
Helles und offenes Büro mit großen Fenstern und Pflanzentrennern für eine angenehme Arbeitsatmosphäre.

The perfect lighting solution for a healthy and productive work environment

Indoor plant lighting that supports healthy and productive work environments

Offices and public spaces need to be healthy and productive. Green plants can help create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, but it is not always possible to provide natural light for them.

Lasfera offers an innovative full-spectrum indoor plant lighting solution that supports the healthy growth of plants. Our lighting systems are tailored to the specific needs of your project and meet the highest quality standards.


Your benefits:

  • Custom planning and implementation

    Smart LED plant lights 

  • Made in Germany

  • Highest quality standards

  • Tailor-made full-service solution

Our products:

  • Smart LED plant lights

  • Green room dividers

  • App-controlled lighting

  • Customizable intensity and runtime

Our solutions are suitable for:

  • Green walls

  • Room dividers

  • Indoor greenery

Green room divider with Fullspectrum LED CUBE
Dialux Innehofbepflanzung Gesamtschule Bornheim 20-09-2023.jpg

green references

Our new green direction

After many years as a developer and producer of decorative lights, it is time to reorient our path and to focus our specialization. Of course, the needs of our customers continue to be our priority.

In addition to the end user and the planner, the focus of our development is on the protagonist - the plant.

Lighting for plants requires thorough needs analysis and planning to develop lighting products that meet the specific needs of plants. This requires collaboration between different disciplines such as botany, lighting technology and project control.

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For our realignment we need space for something new. We offer greatly reduced products from our collections through this shop - while stocks last


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