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Respect tradition – rethink design

Artisanal products have a history - and they tell a story: the story of craftsmanship, which they originate. In the furniture and home accessories from lasfera traditional, regionally based craft techniques, modern European-oriented design and advanced technology come together with the idea of ​​sustainability. 

Handcrafted masterfully, the products are never completely identical to that of an industrial mass production. Every single product is therefore unique - and that's what makes it a special quality, truly authentic. 

Fair Trade

The manners make a difference. While choosing our producers, we look after highest standards of quality as well as the social standards in the partner companies. Our main focus concerns security standards as well as fair reimbursement. 


By the use of the handcraft production processes we contribute to the preservation of a regional tradition. Linking this tradition with modern design we promote the advancement of this craft.


Right at the beginning of the development of our products the choice of the materials is in the foreground. We therefore prefer materials, which are recyclable and return within the production circle. This claim is also valid for our product packaging as well as for our office equipment.

Products with a soul

Not only is the finished object important for lasfera, also all the involved economic, ecological and social aspects are taken into account. lasfera is convinced that the designer today is not only responsible for good designs, but he also needs to contribute towards resource sustainability and to make the world a better one.

Behind the scenes at lasfera are the designers Svenja and Henri Garbers. After stops in London, Milan and Beijing - where lasfera was founded in 2006 - both now work and live where, with their carpentry apprenticeships, it all began: in Cologne. From here, lasfera is always looking for interesting craftsman’s arts, ecologically sustainable materials and technical new developments that can be incorporated and combined into their design works - not only locally but also globally.

To design also the path of the product to the end-customer in the same way, lasfera exclusively sells their products via selected furniture and design traders, interior designers and online design markets, which are mainly specialised in the sale of ecological products that are as sustainable as possible.


respect tradition, rethink design

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