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Respect tradition, rethink design

As designers, we do not only design the product: we develop together with the craftsman the new product from the beginning to the end. All this has consequences for society and the environment - and therefore we consider all that when designing our products.

The 6 commandments of lasfera

  1. We want to contribute to conservation of natural resources. Therefore, we design our products from the beginning as sustainable and resource-efficient as possible.
  2. We want to make products that are durable in quality and style - because the most sustainable product is one that is not soon replaced by another.
  3. We want to contribute to preserving regional traditions and promote. Therefore, we use wherever possible on a regionally based craft traditions - preferably in Germany, but also globally.
  4. We want to offer products that earn the esteem and find their fair price, our customers are willing to pay - because of their design and quality craftsmanship, but also because of the story they tell. 
  5. We are authentic in our work and in our businesses. We do what we do out of conviction and stand with our name behind it. And that's why we make our actions and associated with our products processes as far as possible transparent. 
  6. We also want to have the commercial partners who share our values​​. That's why we only work with companies that can credibly convey the worthiness of our products and the stories behind them - both online and offline.




Respect tradition – rethink design

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