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Welcome to our LED spotlights, the perfect solution for illuminating green walls and indoor plants. We offer you an efficient lighting solution that uses a special full-spectrum light source and smart radio control to achieve the best results for your plants and their inhabitants.

For green walls and plants -
Natural light with intelligent control

This is what is special about our LED spotlights:

  • Full spectrum light source: Our spotlights use a specially adapted full spectrum light source that offers a balanced light spectrum, which is crucial for the growth and health of your plants. Plants "see" a different light than we humans do.

  • Intelligent radio control: With our smart radio control you have full control over the lighting of your plants. Adjust the brightness and color temperature* individually and create timer-based lighting plans that adapt to the seasons. This not only enables ideal growth, but also significant energy savings. With easy access via app.


The key to healthy growth, easy control and sustainable care for your indoor greenery

Why our LED spotlights are the best choice:

  • Efficient growth: Our full-spectrum light promotes healthy plant growth in every season.

  • Easy control: The intuitive radio control makes adjusting the lighting child's play.

  • Sustainability: The timer function reduces energy consumption and promotes resource-saving plant growth.

Invest in the future of your indoor greenery with our high-quality LED spotlights. Discover the advantages of an optimal light spectrum and the convenience of smart control. Your plants will thank you with healthy growth.

Ready to take your indoor greenery to a new level?

Discover our LED spotlights today and experience the transformation of your green oasis.

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