Respect Tradition, Rethink Design


With our new SLIDE collection of lamps, we have reaffirmed our loyalty to the principle of developing customisable lighting objects with the highest possible degree of function and quality. The shade is based on a mechanism developed in house, and a simple bending action is all it takes to adjust the height.

NEWS: individualized SOPHIE

With our new configurator you are able to individualize your SOPHIE lamp while choosing your favorit material and colour. Please click here to view the configurator. In case you would like to pick your own material or color please feel free to contact us. We are constently developing new designs.

Fair Trade

The manners make a difference. While choosing our producers, we look after highest standards of quality as well as the social standards in the partner companies. Our main focus concerns security standards as well as fair reimbursement.


 By the use of the handcraft production processes we contribute to the preservation of a regional tradition. Linking this tradition with modern design we promote the advancement of this craft.


 Right at the beginning of the development of our products the choice of the materials is in the foreground. We therefore prefer materials, which are recyclable and return within the production circle. This claim is also valid for our product packaging as well as for our office equipment.