By the use of the handcraft production processes we contribute to the preservation of a regional tradition. Linking this tradition with modern design we promote the advancement of this craft art.


We support –where possible– regional producers and materials and contribute thus to the preservation of the traditional craft 



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It’s oh so green...

Why didn’t anyone come up with this idea before? ... We were asked this question a lot the first time we presented SOPHIE PLANTED. … After all, light and plants belong together.
It all started by mistake. We had to replace a product for a trade fair and developed a new concept from a sample light from our SOPHIE family.

Dialog of design and craftsmanship

Our new PLANTED collection raises light and interior plant arrangements to an unprecedented aesthetic level.

• PLANTED combines the beneficial effects of green plants with an atmospheric space or functional lighting.

• Ingenious LED technology allows the PLANTED system to position the plant in a room regardless of daylight, to provide functional growth lighting, or to provide atmospheric lighting in the garden.

• The chosen concept for the lights and a selection of sizes and materials enables independent use with applications and stems both inside and outside.

Currently, the PLANTED collection includes various sizes of the SOPHIE and CUBE lights.